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    Padron Electoral 2012 Chile Pdf Free


    Unsourced material may be challenged and removed^ Axtell, James (SeptemberOctober 1991)Quiones 19491969: Luis Negrn Lpez 19691973: Juan Cancel Ros 19731977: Miguel Hernndez Agosto 19771981: Manuel Ramos Barroso 19811988: Sergio Pea Clos 19891993: Miguel Deynes Soto 19931995: Nicols Nogueras Cartagena 19951997: Luisa Lebrn de Rivera 19972000: Anbal Marrero Prez 20002001: Luz Arce Ferrer 20012005: Velda Gonzlez de Modestti 20052009: Orlando Parga Figueroa 20092013: Margarita Nolasco Santiago 20132017: Jos Luis Dalmau 2017present: Larry Seilhamer Languages spoken in Spain include Spanish (castellano or espaol) (74%), Catalan (catal, called valenci in the Valencian Community) (17%), Galician (galego) (7%), and Basque (euskara) (2%).[34] Other languages are Asturian (asturianu), Aranese Gascon (arans), Aragonese (aragons), and Leonese, each with their own various dialectsThe Germanic Vandals and Suebi, with part of the Iranian Alans under King Respendial conquered the peninsula in 409 AD.[19] The Iberian Peninsula was conquered and brought under the rule of the Arab Umayyads in 711 and by the Berber North African dynasties the Almohads and the Almoravids in the 11th and 12th centuriesThe Visigoths were highly romanized in the eastern Empire and already Christians, so their integration within the late Iberian-Roman culture was full; they accepted the laws and structures of the late Roman World with little change, more than any other successor barbarian state in the West after the Ostrogoths, and all the more so after converting away from Arianism.[citation needed] The other Germanic tribe remaining in the peninsula, the Suebi (including the Buri), became established according to sources as federates of the Roman Empire in the old North western Roman province of Gallaecia, but in fact largely independent and predatory on neighboring provinces to stretch their political control over ever-larger portions of the southwest after the Vandals and Alans left, creating a totally independent Suebic KingdomFerr Building, the Ramn Mellado Parsons Office Building and the Baltasar Corrada del Rio Office BuildingThe seafaring Phoenicians, Greeks, and Carthaginians successively founded trading colonies along the Mediterranean coast over a period of several centuriesHowever, a large part of Spain, including Madrid, Extremadura, Murcia, and CastileLa Mancha, speak local dialects known as "transitional dialects" between Andalusian and Castilian Spanish.[35] The Canary Islands also have a distinct dialect of Castilian Spanish which is very close to Caribbean SpanishLanguagesThere are many populations outside Spain with ancestors who emigrated from Spain and who share a Hispanic culture; most notably in Hispanic America^ "Morisco Britannica Online Encyclopedia"As Spain expanded its empire in the America's, religious minorities in Spain were either converted or expelled and the Catholic church fiercely persecuted heresy during a period known as the Spanish inquisitionIn February 1914, Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico, Luis Muoz Rivera presented legislation in Congress insisting in the creation of a Puerto Rican Senate with more powersRetrieved January 29, 2013Retrieved 7 September 2009(November 2012) You can help by adding to itThe Senate is served by several officials who are not members 19d25c4272

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